Dec. 12th, 2011

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I came to all of this really late; saw all three of the films in January 2004 (rented Fellowship and Two Towers, but thankfully Return of the King was still playing at the Uptown Theater in DC and I went back for seconds and thirds before it finally left) but I didn't have internet access at home at that time. My family helped feed my obsession by giving me the extended editions of the first two films plus a set of the books for my birthday and I mainlined it all.

Toward the end of the year I had internet at home and found some of the great collections of pictures and videos that were online at the time. I downloaded as much as my dial-up connection could handle, and over the holidays I forced my sister to watch a playlist of clips and a slideshow of pictures so she could see why I didn't only adore these films I also was completely mad for this cast. And being the nice and kind person that she is, she indulged me. (Not that it was complete torture for her; she enjoys the movies too and does get why the Fellowship of cast and crew are so special.) Some of those files haven't faired so well over the years and I've lost some others so what follows is not the complete FotR portion of that playlist. (Plus I found a couple that were new to me while tooling around youtube.) But I hope you enjoy some of these clips and have fun watching.

A few videos during the Fellowship promotion )


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