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Title: Words/Silence/Flesh (Part 25-28/?)
Authors: Barb ([livejournal.com profile] savageseraph) and Galadriel ([livejournal.com profile] caras_galadhon)
Fandom: LotRPS
Pairing: Sean Bean/Viggo Mortensen(/Harry Sinclair), David Wenham/Miranda Otto
Rating: NC-17 overall.
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Disclaimer: Fiction. Absolutely did not happen. How would we know?
Summary: Sean's away, on break from shooting, and Harry's taken an interest in Viggo.
Warnings: Depiction is not endorsement.
Notes: [livejournal.com profile] savageseraph posted a short letter in her LJ (from Harry) with the intent of prodding me into working faster on a shared WIP. "Sean" responded in kind in my own LJ, and so began some friendly writer-to-writer taunting. ...Which rapidly and quite unexpectedly began to develop its own plot, spinning entirely off from the original story. Due to the odd genesis of this tale, it starts out metatexual and silly, then becomes progressively more serious and kinky.

- Part 25: Opportunity
(Miranda fills Cate in, and Viggo gets up before the rest of the [now-exhausted] household.)

- Part 26: Morning
(Cate responds to Miranda, Miranda and Dave sleep together, and Sean goes for a walk.)

- Part 27: The Insufficiency of Words
(Harry's plot begins to unravel.)

- Part 28: Flotsam and Jetsam
(Sean finds himself on a beach, and Dave shows Viggo a few things.)

A complete chronological listing of letters, including links and short synopses is available here.


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