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Name:New Zealand Stories
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New Zealand Stories is a place to celebrate the films, the story, the actors, the crew and our entire LotR community. We'll attempt to mirror the spirit of filming by organizing themes that roughly take us through the life of the project: from arriving in New Zealand through the Fellowship premieres.

How can you participate? Fic recs, fan mixes, videos, art, fanfiction (slash, het, gen; fictional or real people), meta discussions, links to articles or interviews of interest, picspams, games: the floor is wide open for all kinds of fan creations and contributions.

This is a no-pressure, no-commitment comm. No sign-ups are required, post when you like about what you'd like. And if you have something that's not related to the current month's themes but is connected to these films and the overall celebration, post away. Let's take a walk down memory lane together, and throw a huge blowout fandom party along the way.

more details on the comm's purpose | the list of monthly themes | a resource list

This comm is certified Fellowship friendly. This means you'll find a little bit of everything here, from RPS to het to academic tomes. It is also a wank free zone. If something isn't your cup of tea, just scroll on by.

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