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Premieres and Press coverage. I've tried to place them in the right city, but from some pics I just honestly don't know. Because I run a Sean Bean website he's on all those pics. My apologies for that. Some small pics, some big. Click for full size

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In an effort to catch up on the parts of the film that haven't been discussed yet -- and to show that you can always post about anything at any time regardless of the monthly themes (*g*) -- I grabbed a few caps and some favorite lines from the first four scenes of Fellowship (originally part of the October 09 themes).

Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All

The world is changed.
I feel it in the water.
I feel it in the Earth.
I smell it in the air.
Much that once was is lost. For none now live who remember it.

I'm sure many will disagree, but I love the prologue, in no small way because it's Cate's glorious and powerful voice, the amazing control she has over it. I think it's a great introduction to the story. But mostly I love it for the language; some of my favorite lines come from this scene.

History became legend, legend became myth, and for two and a half thousand years, the Ring passed out of all knowledge.

Darkness crept back into the forest of the world. Rumor grew of a shadow in the east, whispers of a nameless fear, and the Ring of Power perceived.

Concerning Hobbits / The Shire / Very Old Friends

I find myself smiling throughout so many of the scenes in the Shire. There's such a lovely quality to them, to the idyllic landscape, to the hobbits themselves. And the Shire music, including the band at Bilbo's party, never fails to lift me, place me on those rolling hills with a gentle breeze on the air.

But where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet and good tilled earth.

I love how the characters are introduced in these scenes. Gandalf's relationship with both Frodo and Bilbo is played out so well. And I think that the idea that the ring has begun to have some effect on Bilbo is portrayed nicely. Having it all end with the two old friends sitting out in the garden smoking their pipes is just beautiful.

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In this scene we're introduced to one of the characters that has a huge impact on the Fellowship. The leader of Saruman's Uruk-hai, bred for one purpose and I think leaves an enormous impression on all who see the films.

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Title: Brave Heart
Author: [livejournal.com profile] foxrafer
Characters: Sam
Rating: G
Word count: 100 words
Disclaimer: All make-believe and not written for financial gain; the characters belong to Tolkien
Warnings: None
Book/Source: FotR, movieverse
Author's note: Written for "Knife in the Dark" (scene 19), one of the March 2010 themes at [livejournal.com profile] nzstories.

Brave Heart
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The trees are strong, my Lord. Their roots go deep.

Rip them all down!

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