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Premieres and Press coverage. I've tried to place them in the right city, but from some pics I just honestly don't know. Because I run a Sean Bean website he's on all those pics. My apologies for that. Some small pics, some big. Click for full size

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Oct. 12th, 2009 11:11 pm
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Hi!! I posted this on my LJ yesterday to mark the anniversary of the first day of filming on LOTR and [livejournal.com profile] msilverstar requested that I also post it here. 10 years!! Can this be possible??

11 October 1999

“On October the 11th, NZ time, principal photography began as it has continued: Unpredictably! Nobody expected that the film crew and the four main hobbits would quietly invade a corner of one of the capital city’s parks for a week. Suddenly an area of the hilly pineforest on Mt. Victoria right near central Wellington was fenced off by security guards, and the hobbits’ flight from the Shire began. At the same time, the four Hobbit actors began the long process of becoming the inseparable friends that they are today. If this dynamic comes across in the film, that will be something that Tolkien would have applauded." (theonering.net)

“‘The first day of filming’, recalls Elijah Wood, ‘we were all nervous, and I know Peter was nervous too. There was also a tangible sense of excitement amongst the actors, the crew – everyone. This was the beginning. The beginning of a journey that seemed like it was going to go on for ever. The end was so far away that it didn’t exist. The idea of beginning this journey with the four hobbits was fun for us because we’d already become quite close – but it also seemed really appropriate. It’s in the hobbit’s nature to be excited and full of life. So to start with that atmosphere was really cool.’ “ (From 'Peter Jackson : A Film-Maker’s Journey' by Brian Sibley)

Ten years have passed since that momentous day and how fitting was it that just two days ago Elijah and Billy showed up at the FOTR concert in New York. I'd love to know if they were aware of exactly what they were doing ten years ago.

I think I'd probably have spontaneously combusted if I'd been at the Radio City concert on Friday night. I've been lucky enough to see Howard Shore conduct the LOTR Symphony in London and it was magnificent. But the NY concert would have surpassed even that - to see FOTR up there on the huge screen, with a live orchestra playing - and to have Elijah, Billy and Howard walk out on stage at the end and realise that they had been sharing the experience with us!! No words.

Elijah Wood, Howard Shore, Billy Boyd,at FOTR Concert, Radio City, NY 09 Oct 09:


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