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Premieres and Press coverage. I've tried to place them in the right city, but from some pics I just honestly don't know. Because I run a Sean Bean website he's on all those pics. My apologies for that. Some small pics, some big. Click for full size

more pics and video.. )
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It is painfully obvious that I've been more than a little absent for several months. It's not for lack of love for the films or the idea of celebrating them, just life taking over. But there's still plenty of time for a walk down memory lane so hopefully together we can bring the comm back to life.

The monthly themes are there but I'm not going to make reminder posts. I worry that they may have been too proscriptive and that people were waiting to post when the theme fit rather than post whenever they had something to share. They are still listed here to give you ideas, but you by no means have to follow them.

To get things rolling I'd like to share two clips from the Fellowship promotion. It's a Burly TV interview (in two parts) with several of the cast including most of the Fellowship. It's one of the first clips I ever saw and I believe I downloaded it from Bag End Inn several years ago. Behind the cut to save your friends page *g* )
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Personally I have no idea what I was doing, but I was definitely not watching the online preview of Lord of the Rings. It's probably safe to say I didn't even know the films were being made (as odd as that sounds to my current obsessive ears).

But at the time Tolkien fans counted down the minutes until the preview was released and in the first 24 hours it was downloaded 1,671,000 times, breaking all records. Maybe you're like me and thought your chance to see this footage was gone forever. Or maybe you remember that day perfectly and would love to take a walk down memory lane but lost your copy long ago.

Well, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nerwende, who tracked it down, and [livejournal.com profile] haltis, who still had the file and was willing to share it, all of us can go back in time and look at the preview once more. Grab it from rapidshare or mediafire and enjoy!

I know it sounds silly, but even though I've seen the films so many times I still got excited watching this preview. Not really sure what that says about me. :-)
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This is one of the first clips I found online after my obsession took hold. It was at Bag End Inn, which unfortunately is no more; it was such a great site. Three hobbits and an elf taking part in a bathtub race.

Click for the clip and a couple of pics )


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