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The three Lord of the Rings films have touched all of us in so many ways. And most importantly, they brought us all together, a group of people who not only share a love of the movies, but also recognize the special magic of the cast and crew. This group of people and the characters they brought to life have made us laugh and cry, given us tremendous joy and stole into our hearts.

New Zealand Stories is a place to celebrate the films, the story, the actors, the crew and our entire LotR community. We'll attempt to mirror the spirit of filming by organizing themes that roughly take us through the life of the project: from arriving in New Zealand through the Fellowship premieres.

How can you participate? Fic recs, fan mixes, videos, art, fanfiction (slash, het, gen; fictional or real people), meta discussions, links to articles or interviews of interest, picspams, games: the floor is wide open for all kinds of fan creations and contributions. All the info you need are in the admin links in the sidebar.

This is a no-pressure, no-commitment comm. No sign-ups are required, post when you like about what you'd like. And if you have something that's not related to the current month's themes but is connected to these films and the overall celebration, post away. Let's take a walk down memory lane together, and throw a huge blowout fandom party along the way.
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It is painfully obvious that I've been more than a little absent for several months. It's not for lack of love for the films or the idea of celebrating them, just life taking over. But there's still plenty of time for a walk down memory lane so hopefully together we can bring the comm back to life.

The monthly themes are there but I'm not going to make reminder posts. I worry that they may have been too proscriptive and that people were waiting to post when the theme fit rather than post whenever they had something to share. They are still listed here to give you ideas, but you by no means have to follow them.

To get things rolling I'd like to share two clips from the Fellowship promotion. It's a Burly TV interview (in two parts) with several of the cast including most of the Fellowship. It's one of the first clips I ever saw and I believe I downloaded it from Bag End Inn several years ago. Behind the cut to save your friends page *g* )
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Since I'd love for this comm to carry through the promotion and premieres for Fellowship of the Ring we still have a lot of time left to celebrate these films and everything they mean to us. But I know that I lost some of the momentum right after [livejournal.com profile] nzstories launched when I dropped off the radar for most of the end of last year and I'd like to try and get it back.

I'm going to start posting the monthly themes a little differently, listing each scene separately and trying to come up with some kind of prompt words, pictures or phrases to help give people ideas. And I thought I'd begin a monthly "memories" post where everyone's invited to talk about the first time they read the book, saw the movie; favorite character, etc. I've even been tossing around the idea of a haiku slam. *g*

If you have any suggestions for activities or challenges or squee-filled love fests, I'd love to hear them. If I have the energy (or can find someone to help get something off the ground) I'll do my best to do them all. And please know you are always welcome to jump in and start something on your own at any time. (If you'd rather not leave feedback here, feel free to send me a PM or e-mail.)

Thanks for your ideas and enthusiasm. I promise to do my best to stay engaged and keep [livejournal.com profile] nzstories positive and fun for everyone.
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Why go back to where it all started? Because many of us missed this part of the fandom altogether. Because thinking about the cast and crew as they created these amazing films is fun. Because it gives us a chance to celebrate our love for the books and movies, and celebrate our fandom all in one shot.

How will this work? As loosely and openly as possible. :-)

While I know some people have a good idea about when several specific scenes were shot, most of our information is sketchy at best and we're never going to be able to follow the exact filming schedule without turning into a bunch of control freaks rapping people on the knuckles with our rulers. We want this to be fun so the idea is to break things up into manageable parts that honor the spirit of the filming (many things being filmed at once) and allow for a large variety of options throughout the next year and a half.

The monthly breakdown is just a rough attempt to keep things organized. If you have something you want to share that's connected to the story and the scene it's related to isn't scheduled to be up for four months, go ahead and post. No one is going to smack your wrist for being enthusiastic. For example, we all know Viggo arrived late. If you want to be super accurate you can post about it in October or post in August or September for the "cast arrives" theme, or wait and post next year just to mix things up. It's all good.

The scene list is from the extended editions (of course *g*). On the resources page you'll find links to sites with transcripts, but the most fun would be to rewatch the films for inspiration. :-)

You can contribute anything and everything that comes to mind. Write a story about the characters during this particular part of the film, write a story about the actors and what they were doing as they filmed those scenes (both on and off screen), post screen caps, post recs to favorite fics, post fanvids or fanmixes related to the scenes, write something about the first time you watched it, start a discussion about subtext or the costumes, draw a comic, post trivia questions, create a banner, post links to articles or interviews. As you can see, the options are only limited by your creativity and what you think would be fun to share.

To help give you ideas we have a post of resources that we'll be adding to as the months go on. Please share any and all favorite links, archives, wikis and/or books to add to the list. The more resources the better.

But most importantly, have fun with it. This is a celebration of all the joy these movies have brought us, of the incredible friendships forged during filming, and of our mutual love for this timeless story.
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As mentioned before, this is just a general attempt to keep things organized. The idea is to honor the spririt of filming without venturing off into being mega-sticklers for the exact filming schedule (which none of us know anyway). The scene list is from the extended edition of the films.

This is by no means written in stone. If you would like to post something related to the story or the actors during filming but not connected with the scene list or general theme of the month, please post away. We're very flexible here.

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This is an assortment of links to help get you in a New Zealand mood and spark ideas. It is by no means complete or comprehensive. If there's a site that you think has some great information, please pass it along and I'll add it to the list.

Please note that while I have visited all of these sites I can't vouch for them. Please use all suitable care (anti-virus programs and the like) when downloading anything from the Web.

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